About the Silver Spring/Kensington Rotary Club

Welcome to the The Silver Spring/Kensington Rotary Club website!  We meet in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA each Tuesday at 12:15 PM.  We Rotarians are comprised of businesspersons in Silver Spring, Kensington, DC, and surrounding areas.  Our Club has extensive relationships with philanthropic entities everywhere.  This allows us to help not merely the local community, via programs we fund and oversee, but also the world at large, including poor countries in places such as South America and Asia.

To that effect, we've handed out millions of dollars in checks!

Membership to Rotary is by invitation only, and has historically been limited to only the more important business leaders. However, our particular Club has a wide variety of members wearing all stripes, and anyone interested in joining or who has a proposal on how to make this world a better place is welcome to contact us.

Why Silver Spring-Kensington?

Washington, DC, being the nation's capital, is notoriously crowded, with substantial traffic and parking issues. Silver Spring, Maryland is a vibrant suburb just north of DC that is relatively immune from these issues.  But that doesn't mean we are in the boonies, either---we actually have taller buildings than does DC!  The 85-year-old historic restaurant we meet at, Mrs. K’s Restaurant & Barrel Bar, is walk-able from the SIlver Spring Metro, and has ample parking.